Develop &

We code. Since the beginning, we’ve always built the digital products we create. We are proud of having an in-house team of developers, gamers and QA testers: it allows us to experiment with technology in our day to day. Anything is possible is our motto.

first things first: setting the stage

Before we begin the development, we gather the requirements from all stakeholders, and we outline the scope of work. Then we define the technical architecture of the whole platform (apps, backend and front-end components), as well as the tasks involved and the hour’s estimation. Once all that is ready, the action begins, Let’s scrum, babe!

Agile for dynamism and quick response to change

We incorporate a flexible and result-oriented approach that involves regular status updates, constant feedback from stakeholders, QA testing and continuous improvement. That’s why we apply Scrum in our work and are keen to keep learning about Agile methodologies. It helps us in our goal of providing competitive advantage to the businesses, and genuine value to the users.