Making life easier for moms and dads

MOOMS is one of our startups created to help parents save time and money. Without leaving their homes, they can sell the things their kids don’t use any longer & buy products at the best price. We handle all the logistical burden!

“Add to cart” on the chat

Based on parent’s feedback, MOOMS created a payment system that integrates the shopping cart into the chat. Apart from facilitating the transactions, it provides an easy way of adding to the basket more products from the same seller.

In-app payments and happy buyers

Sellers and buyers don’t need to meet anymore: payments can also be made directly via the app. And until the product arrives in good condition, its purchase amount is held in escrow. Life-saving!

Finding what matters

As a parent-focused marketplace, MOOMS offers a more optimised search experience than horizontal retailers. Products can be sorted by age, price, even favourite brand and other truly helpful filters.

We are on TV!

“Unicorns don’t exist, but MOOMS prices are very real!” With a spot inspired by video games aesthetic, the ad was able to cut through the noise, capturing the attention of not only parents but children.