The future boats

Nowadays, boats have sensors to assist navigation. But what if they could generate and store data all the time, becoming fully connected and intelligent “devices”?

IOT, AI & Machine Learning

A hardware with artificial intelligence, capable of learning the peculiarities of each boat and the users’ behaviour. Great to anticipate needs.

Proactive Interface

The users access the information of the boat through an app that automatically adjusts to where they are: on land, newly arrived on board or sailing.

Mix of Technologies

For the user to have all the information about his boat, we’ve created a device with machine to machine technology, internal sensors, bluetooth, GPS and NMEA 2000.

iBeacons to detect human presence

Our smart boats have iBeacons technology to identify when the user is or isn’t on board. In the case of intrusion, an automatic mobile notification is promptly sent.

Bluetooth in case of no connection

And if the boat is at some point where there is no internet coverage? No problem, the sensors will continue to send data equally, but now via Bluetooth technology.